Who we are

Norcan is a world leader in providing centralized fish feeding systems for the aquaculture industry.

We have a variety of customized automated feeding solutions that have been installed throughout North America, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Japan, and Chile.

We are the pioneers of software development for automated feeding systems and our highly skilled engineering team has a proven track record of success.    

Our automated feeding software and centralized feeding systems are, bar none, the world’s most cutting edge aquaculture products on the market today.

With over a decade of direct investment into software engineering and product development, we provide our clients with measurable biomass growth predictions based on customized, precise, and accountable feeding models.

We are the best at providing high end centralized feeding solutions which are fully automated and tailored for each individual client’s needs.

Our systems are specifically designed for each client based on fish species, farm location, environmental conditions, feeding requirements, and desired biomass results.


Benefits & Features

Most reliable and long lasting mechanical delivery system available

Most accurate feed dosing possible with analog feed screw delivery system

Highly precise feed ration calculations based on current group biomasses

Precisely controlled feed presentation of feed based specific biomass specifics

Use of table generated Consumption Rates (C-Rates) for meal timing

Advanced scheduling tools offer extensive feeding strategies

Meal times defined by C-Rate, KG/min or Pellets per Fish/Minute

1 to 100 individually sized and timed meals for each individual group

AF8 can reside on multiple PC s and Tablets on an LAN Ethernet, Wi-Fi or WAN (Internet)

Remote AF8 applications are independent instances and not remote desktop control screens

Simultaneously user interfacing from multiple PCs and Tablets is supported